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The mciteplus LaTeX package is an enhanced reimplementation of the mcite package, which was written by Thorsten Ohl, which provides support for the grouping of multiple citations together as is often done in physics journals. An extensive set of features provide for other applications such as reference sublisting.

The most recent version of Mciteplus is v1.2, which was released on September 13, 2013.

Version 1.2 has a few changes from the previous release:

Obtaining Mciteplus

Mciteplus can be obtained at:

Helpful Tips

  1. You can't use existing mcite bibstyles (.bst files) with mciteplus. They have to be remodified as described in the mciteplus user manual.
  2. When using a sorting bibstyle, it will require additional mciteplus modifications to its sort key code. Also, the tail entries will all have to be declared via mcitetail="yes" in the BibTeX database.
  3. If the label spacing is incorrect, make sure that the maximum label width form is correct. Under multiple bibliographies with continuous numbering, make sure that the bibitem counter reset has been turned off via \mciteResetBibitemCountfalse.
  4. When using an overall bibliography with the chapterbib package, be sure and use the chapterbibrootbib mciteplus package option.
  5. If using the BibTeX wild card entry "\nocite{*}", issue a \mciteErrorOnUnknownfalse so that mciteplus will not complain when it encounters bibliography entries that it does not know about.
  6. The mciteplus "debug" package option can be used to see what tracking IDs, etc., mciteplus is using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to reference tail and/or head references via \mciteSubRef, but I don't want to actually label the subitems. How can I do this?

Just enable sublisting and set the labels to empty:


Also, remember that, like \ref, at present, \mciteSubRef can only be given one citation key at a time.

Obtaining Support

You can obtain support for Mciteplus from:

The Usenet newsgroup comp.text.tex
This the primary means of support for LaTeX related issues.
You can contact me via the email address(es) at my contact page.
Please use this option only for packages that I maintain (not general help with LaTeX).